Welcome to the in-progress playable prototype of Hibotchi!

Your goal is to complete the orders of your customers.

To do so, match the relevant foods that are falling by moving and rotating them with the effects of the cards in your hand.

Play cards from your hand by dragging them out until they glow.

Avoid destructive hazards! (However, some can be helpful...)

If the food piles up to reach the end of your "stovetop" (the grid), you lose!

Icons And What They Mean

Movement Arrows (Food moves in the direction of the arrow if it passes through here.) Rotation Arrows (Food rotates in that direction if it passes through here.)
 Add New Food (Spawns another food at the top of the grid.) Change Food Type (Changes the type of falling food.)
Discard (Discard a random card from your hand.)
Exhaust (Makes your next draw an Exhaust card, which has no effect when played.)
Affect Customer Timers (Red means customers will leave quicker & black means customers will stay longer.)
Shield (Hazards will not affect food with a shield.)
Draw (Draw a card.)
Placeholder (Used when the correct icon can't be found.)
Double Next Effect (Doubles the effect of the next card you play.)


Added difficulty levels.

Fixed issue that allowed players to win too quickly.
Changed font.
Turned customer slider invisible after last customer entered.
Draw starting hand more slowly.
Add first customer after starting hand is drawn.

Changed food sprites.
Updated card frames.
Lowered difficulty of some hazards.
Changed font.

Hotfix 10-18-2019:
Fixed "index out of range" bug.
Fixed bug that made food go out of grid.
Made food less random.

Added new card effects and hazards!
• Add New Food spawns another food at the top of the stovetop.
• Change Food Type changes the type of food that's falling.
• Discard makes you discard.
Each level showcases a new different effect.
Added new sprites and animations!
• Spatula animation for moving and flipping food.
• Tongs animation for rotating food.
• New icons for Movement, Add New Food, Change Food Type, and Discard.
Fixed customer timer timing out.
Fiddled with difficulty balance.
Changed UI.

Updated instructions.

Added Tutorial.
Added Logo!
Added Exhaust hazards, which add a useless Exhaust card to your deck.
Updated the title screen to be playable with cards!
Refactored project and maximized efficient code.
Added customer faces.
Updated splash screen.
Customer timer balance updates
Various other quality-of-life improvements.

Hotfix 11-15-2019:
Fixed Draw Card and Fall sprites not showing up.

Added Customer Timers.
• Customers will leave after their timer runs out, and you won't be able to complete their order.
Added card that gives a temporary shield that protect foods from hazards.
Added card and hazard that affects customer timers.
Added seventh level.
Cards that can't be played return to player's hand after mouse (or finger) is released.
Fixed bug that allowed food to be able to be placed on the same grid space as another.
Fixed bug that allowed food to travel past the grid edges.
Various other small quality improvements across the board.

Added "Double Next Effect" card.
• It, as you can imagine, doubles the effect of the next card you play.
Added eighth level.
Added the option to randomly generate a level.
Updated method of saving and loading level data. (This is invisible to the user, but I hope it'll decrease the game's file size and improve its efficiency and speed.)
Updated icon for mobile users.
Updated background to wooden floor texture.
Fixed bug that wouldn't load some cards or hazard images.
Various other small quality improvements and bug fixes.

Hotfix for 01-08-2020:
Generating random levels works correctly now.
Tutorial works correctly now.

Added Garnishes.
• These are optional objectives to complete as you finish orders. Ones included currently are
• Complete this order on the left side of the stove.
• Complete this order on the right side of the stove.
• Complete this order in the center of the stove.
• Complete this order within 30 seconds.
• Complete this order within 60 seconds.
• Miss all hazards as you complete this order.
• Hit a hazard as you complete this order.
Updated Tutorial to address this garnish update.
Updated the color palette.
Changed sprites to 32px.
Added more instructions to begin the game for first-time users.
Updated background to japanese tatami floor texture.
Added exclamation points to warning sprites.
Added animations of knife, pan, spoon, grease, and smoke.
Updated UI.
Various other small quality improvements and bug fixes.

Updated 7 days ago
PlatformsAndroid, HTML5
GenreCard Game
Made withUnity, Adobe Photoshop
Tags2D, diner-dash, overcooked, Singleplayer, slay-the-spire, Tetris, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


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