Lock on approaching enemies by targeting them with a patented Quaternion brand Rotacket Launcher.


Use W and S to keep your

target within the bounds

of the rotating area

in order to charge up your missile launcher.
Aim by pressing and 

moving your mouse,
 and let loose a barrage of
heavenly hellfire to devastate
your enemies before
they reach you!
Purchase upgrades
to prolong your life.

What wave can you reach?

Designed and developed by @onygox in less than 48 hours using assets by @Kenney for the #KenneyJam 2021 with the theme "Rotation".


For The Days Come by Letter Box

Beyond the Lows by The Whole Other

Cheeky by Matt Harris

Post-Jam Update Sept. 01, 2021:

• Fixed a bug that caused the upgrade screen to appear before a wave was over.

• Fixed a bug that caused an infinite wave of indestructible enemies.

• Increased enemies strength more reliably as waves get higher.

• Improved UI.

• Various quality of life improvements.

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