The Experience

Through this project, I ask the question: How might lawmakers change the mechanics of voting policies to more closely reflect the ideals of American voters?

This narrative takes place in an online chatroom, but you won't be chatting with people. These characters represent conceptual voting systems.

As well as First Past The Post (the system the U.S. currently adopts), you'll get to develop a relationship with the Approval voting system and that of Ranked Choice.

Test the limits of these new friends; what stimulates them and how could you anger them?

Near the end, reflect on your relationships and ask yourself which you'd rather interact with the most.

You will gain substantial knowledge of the voting system the average American voter interacts with at least once every four years, as well as additional resources for how to help change it for the better.

Developer Commentary



Links to external websites now open in new tabs!

Added notification sounds.

Updated graphics, font, and color scheme.


You can mute notifications now.

Updated additional UI elements.

Persistent saving and loading data for UI and Sound settings.


Added "replayability" functionality. ( You can load your save from a specific day.)


Reduced file size.

Increased performance and efficiency.


Fixed visual bug involving the status images of some characters not changing color.


Updated icon, page content, color scheme, and font.


Added a "Resources" tab in the main menu with additional links to educational websites.

Changed the location of the "Pause" button in-game.

Made it possible to change the volume and text speed from the main menu.

Added credits.

Fixed conversation bug that prevented some character's faces from being shown.

Fixed chat bug that prevented certain links from being shown.


Added trailer.


Added additional educational resources.

Fixed UI and Menu behavior.

Removed some lines of contextual dialogue.

Updated page content and theme.

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