Playtesting Notes and Changes

October 16

  • Family members stop moving for a little bit when they swing their net
  • Kid has a slingshot with variable throw length
  • Slower movement speed while charging up slingshot
  • Turkey can peck at players, knocking them out
  • Knocked out players can’t do anything until they’re revived or until the end of a round
  • Have five level designs
  • One is chosen randomly whenever you begin playing
  • Kitchen level (which acts as tutorial)
  • Empty field (with animals)
  • Hedge garden with intercrossing paths
  • Inside of barn
  • Cornfield maze
  • Impassable creek with bridges crossing over it
  • Each level has different color schemes according to the time of day it is
  • Some levels have environmental hazards
  • But they only harm family members, the Turkey can go through them without getting damaged
  • Some levels have animals
  • Sheep, pigs, cows, horses
  • They act as randomly moving obstacles
  • Sprite size of 64x64
  • Map size of 960x640
  • New ability for Father - larger net swing
  • Has a larger radius than normal net swing but a longer cooldown
  • YES to friendly fire
  • Players bump into each other
  • Preliminary Art
  • Top-down, pixel

October 23

  • Added Mother’s Shout ability
  • Speeds up everyone in the radius, has a two second length
  • Four/five second cooldown
  • Added music
  • Working on player sprites
  • Added kitchen and backyard, working on garden
  • Also added stove and sink
  • Added Father’s Trap ability
  • Places a trap (64x64) that stays in the same spot
  • If the turkey hits it, they’re stunned for 5 seconds unless they can enact a certain movement on their joystick (up down left right)
  • Father can only place two traps at a time, and if he wants to place another one he has to pick one of them up first
  • They do not affect fellow family members
  • Added powerups for the Turkey that when picked up decrease the time left by 5 seconds
  • Increased time limit back to one minute

October 25


  • Very hard to control at the beginning but got easier as they got more used to it
  • Difficult for the Turkey to run into the Carrot
  • Occasionally the Turkey would spawn right in front of a family member and get immediately caught
  • Or the Carrot would spawn right in front of the Turkey and immediately have a five second advantage
  • Everyone thought the Mother shouting was really funny
  • Rather than use it as an actual boost, they’d use it after they won as a celebration
  • The Stun swirlies are cute
  • The Father is overpowered because of larger net and has no downsides
  • Mother’s Shout Boost is uncontrollable
  • It’s actually more of a debuff rather than a boost

Potential Changes to Implement

  • [x] Turkey and Family Members should start at predetermined or random positions on opposite sides of the map
  • [x] Add “stone charging” animation to the Son
  • [x] Add more Carrots to the map (3 at a time, each decrease by five seconds)
  • [x] Turkey goes underneath animals and Family Members
  • [x] Give the Turkey a Shout ability that moves all Family Members away from it
  • Randomize pitch of Turkey Shout sound
  • [x] Father should go slower and/or have smaller net and/or have a longer cooldown on the net swing
  • [o] Title Sequence should say “Round X Match Y, Humans <score>, Turkey <score>”
  • [x] Give sound effect and/or animation to Turkey Dash
  • [x] Dashing/boosting into Sheep should knock them away
  • [x] Mother Ability could be to increase Net Size or to Decrease Turkey Speed?
  • [o] Change Son’s ability from Slingshot to Boomerang that returns to him after thrown
  • [o] Add opportunity for the Turkey to win by collecting a specific number of Carrots before time runs out
  • [x] Sheep shouldn’t walk on top of each other
  • [x] Make sure Carrots render below Sheep
  • [o] Make Carrots spawn on opposite side of map from Turkey so they can’t instantly get Carrots that were just spawned

October 30

  • Mother’s ability now slows the Turkey down for a short while if they’re close enough
  • Turkey now can Whirl, which throws nearby Family Members away from them
  • Son goes slower when charging slingshot
  • Also added aiming indicator for son’s slingshot
  • Father goes slightly slower
  • Mother goes slightly faster

November 1

  • [x] Son’s stone can be slightly magnetized to him so it’s easier to pick up
  • [o] Sheep can eat/move Carrots around
  • [x] More interaction with Sheep
  • [x] Mother’s ability slows them down
  • [o] Show win/lose ratio and more statistics
  • [o] Number of times each family member has caught it
  • [o] Accuracy ratio for Son
  • [o] Different animation for Mother slow turkey ability
  • [x] Aiming line indication for Son slingshot
  • [o] Particle effects for slingshot stone


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