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Two contrasting environments in which the only similar aspect is the emphasis on player movement. The first level enforces a slow movement speed while the second level makes a the player go at a faster speed.

Key features

Movement as a primary mechanic

Two contrasting level environments

Attention to narrative






Executable Applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux


You, a young man with fairly heavy anxiety named Jeremy, are invited to hang out at a park with you friend Sean. When Jeremy arrives to the park Sean is nowhere to be found. You now have to traverse the park to meet your friend in a place you have never been before without panicking.


Jeremy - a 22-year-old white man with anxiety

Sean - a 23-year-old black man

Level/Environment Design

Classic park environment

Level 2 is the same as level 1 but mirrored


Exploration - searching for your friend Sean

Searching for things to decrease your anxiety levels

But every interaction you have increases your anxiety rather than decreasing it

Subverting player’s expectations

Anxiety is portrayed through thought bubbles that get increasingly faster and faster, plus a purple screen that covers the player's vision


Low-poly 3D models, spectacular skybox

Sound and Music

Ambient background sound - birds and wind

User Interface, Game Controls

Keyboard - WASD for movement, move mouse to rotate view

Gamepad - Left joystick for movement, right joystick to rotate view


Currently no plans to include features that help accessibility.

Target Audience

Casual gamers, those who don’t like thinking strategically, and folks who appreciate a good story (who doesn’t?).

Technical analysis

  •      Experimental features: 3D modeling trees will be a new endeavor.
  •      Major development tasks: The art style needs a focus. The transition between the first and second levels will be difficult to execute.
  •      Risks: Lack of team communication, lack of definite roles
  •      Alternatives (if any): The fallback to modeling trees and other environmental features is to get free assets from the store.
  •      Estimated resources: Four full-time students, for laptops running Unity, four Unity business accounts, two weeks, SketchUp, four copies of the Adobe Suite
  •      Estimated Schedule: playtesting April 9, finished product April 16

Cost and revenue projections



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